The Journey Of Inner Healing

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To embrace inner healing, one must embrace the non-linear. 
       Our pain and trauma are stored within us at varying depths, each layer inviting us into deeper understanding of ourselves and the truth of what created our patterns. This process is something that requires our patience, willingness, and courage. Truth can be uncomfortable to face and yet it is what sets us free. When we feel safe to soften, we are shown our armor (you know, those pesky defense mechanisms that are hard to break) and in that reveal, you will be asked to lay that armor down and learn who you are beyond them. 
       Imaging you are at the bottom of a beautiful, golden spiral staircase, your perspective at the bottom will be different then your perspective in the middle and top of the staircase, think of your healing journey as a spiral. As you continue to face yourself, you will begin to see your pain and trauma from different perspectives, at the beginning of the journey and throughout the distinct phases of it. In the healing journey, the result is complete acceptance of the self, unconditional - Divine Love, empowerment and self-worth. These qualities come through the process of shifting your perspective and moving through the hidden emotions that have been pushed away. This brings a deep liberation, How do I know? I have walked the path and continue to walk this path. Witnessing new layers of my authentic self, self-love, empowerment and pure self-expression. 
     My life journey since 2004 has been one of change, loss, sudden shifts, growth, darkness and light. I learned what it felt like to have the core of my perceived identity crumble beneath my feet and surrendered to the waves of change that I could not stop. Sinking was not an option, as a single mother experiencing a major business failure, I knew I needed to find balance and heal to be there for my children and myself. This required deep inner work, I focused on shadow work and healing my inner child to create a strong and solid inner foundation to hold myself from. I learned through this process that many times we are attaching our identity to the external and that leaves us susceptible to an identity crisis. When we create a solid internal foundation that is flexible to the ever-changing flow of life, and heal deeply, then our identity does not shatter in the face of challenges. We change, we expand, we grow from the lessons, however we still stand strong in our core values and authenticity. 
   Through my healing journey, I have cultivated the capacity to stand unwavering in the face of adversity. I learned how to embrace humility, compassion and grace through witnessing and healing deep pain.  The gift of healing is to be able to share the depth of space you held for  yourself with another. My inner work has led me to facilitate and hold space for clients going through similar challenges and pain. I believe healing comes through feeling safe to be witnessed in your darkness and as a facilitator of change and Spiral coach, I will stand with you and help guide you through the deep inner change. 
A facilitator, as I see it is someone who knows what will come up and how to navigate those issues while holding awareness around the patterns of sabotage tend to arise when change is initiated and healing. It takes a facilitator skilled in presence and understanding to witness the mental and emotional patterns playing out, what shifts need to occur to navigate the blocks and challenges for true transformation to unfold. 

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