It's Time To Bloom

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As We move through the Inner Void, we discover & RISE into our Creative Genius 


We as humans experience life in cycles and seasons, similar to nature. There are seasons of peace, happiness, grace and seasons of fear, uncertainty and gloom. We are given a choice in each of life's moments to assign our experience with meaning.

Remember, you are the author of your life's story. 

I invite you to sit for a moment and reflect on your inner narrative;

Does it speak life into you or does it drain you?

Does your inner voice speak the same through both the joys and the challenges of life? Or are they different?

Are you familiar with the Lotus Flower?

They are revered as sacred flowers known for their ability to adapt to any environment. Celebrated in Buddhism and Hinduism, the Lotus is known for its unique daily cycle of life, death and rebirth on a daily, monthly and yearly cycle. Similar to the Lotus, blooming through the deep roots of mother earth and shining its magnificent blossom through the mud....humans are faced with adversity, plunging then into the darkness and through our duriablity and trust in the process- we bloom through challenge. 

That's why I asked about your inner voice. During the seasons of challenge, such as divorce, job transition, health issues or perhaps it's multiple changes all at once that spirals you into overwhelm- how do you speak to yourself?

What is your inner voice like? When fear creeps in, are you able to trust this season will pass? This space of uncertainty forces humans to step into what is known as entropy. 

Entropy is defined as a lack of order to predictability, a gradual decline into disorder. The space humans move into when change hits is filled with discomfort, uncertainty and emptiness. As a result, it stirs to the surface feelings of fear, anxiety and sometimes depression. This is why paying attention to your inner voice is important and also why clearing deep seeded limiting beliefs is even more important. It is in these moments of adversity, we need to be mentally adaptable and if we have done the work on clearing the mind then we have the ability to manage the space much better. 

When you can allow yourself to remain in a state of trust and resilience we step into the way of the Lotus. Let the voice of joy remind you of your worth in those moments of challenge and trust in the creative process that is being birthed. This space, however it comes upon us, is part of our natural cycle and occurs for a reason. Nature as our example moves through storms, changes in weather patterns and cleanses itself - so do humans if we allow it. 

Once the storms pass, you move from entropy to creativity bringing you into the full light and beauty of your true expression. Creativity takes courage and the willingness to face the unconscious beliefs of unworthiness in order to birth the light of your soul's truth. Moving through the chrysalis phase and into new life, humans are given a chance to learn who we are at the core of our being. That space of discomfort is intended to push each of us to step into our courage and strength, freeing the creative genius that live insides all of us. 

As a facilitator of change, a bit part of my role is leading by example. I had to learn that my greatest impact on the world with my clients stemmed from the knowing of how to move in this space of uncertainty and the void. 

I cultivated a deep understanding of these cycles, which helped me to let go of judgment towards the cycles of challenges and change and to embrace them and be comfortable in this space. I replaced the judgement and fear of uncertainty with a knowing that this space of change allows for creative expression to blossom. This shift in perspective keeps one adaptable like the Lotus and able to move through every season life brings. 

Remember, this is part of our natural cycle, no one needs to move through it alone. 

Connect with the ones who love you and support you, embrace the simple pleasures of life, be in that cocoon and tend to yourself. 

If you want or need support shifting and clearing your inner landscape that births life, I am here for you. 

Blessings & Light 



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