The Spiral

Are you ready to embody your authentic self?


What is The Spiral™???

The Spiral™ is extremely unique and important.

The Spiral™ is a process created (or discovered) by Dane Thomas in 2012 that permanently raises a person’s level of consciousness and vibration by shedding a vast amount of their personal baggage and emotional wounding.

In a nutshell, the Spiral™ gets us out of our own way so we can rock at life without having to try so hard.

Who is the Spiral for??

The Spiral is for anyone who is wanting to facilitate personal transformation, growth and healing to get out of their own way and bring them back to their truth.

This holistic modality sets us free from conditioning, patterns, limitations and the stories collected from growing up along with ancestral patterning and past life issues.

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Welcome To The Spiral

This system offers a revolutionary combination of ancient technologies like Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic Chakra system & more modern elements like Kinesiology, NLP, Scale of consciousness & Spiral Dynamics.

Unlike different coaching processes that focus on removing blocks on a mental level, The Spiral goes into deeper levels of the body’s energy field and releases emotional blocks that are held in the body.

As we free up our emotional body, we in turn free up our ability to start living the life we want.

The Process

First we get an idea of where you are at in your life, what challenges you are facing and what you would like to overcome.

Then we set clear intentions for what you’d like to get out of your journey.

We work through a module per week via Zoom.

The 8 Week Journey

There are 8 1:1 sessions where we’ll clear various emotional blocks and limiting beliefs at each “level” of the Spiral and provide a series of tasks and challenges to help integrate your growth throughout the journey (plus an eighth/final integration session).

Each of the 7 Modules of the Spiral will unlock the potential in different areas of your life.

As we work gradually through the weeks, old patterns of behavior start to fall away and we find ourselves capable of taking action and doing new things.

What's Covered in Each Session?




letting go of shame, guilt and dogma




reframing relationship with fear, grief and paralysed will




letting go of stories around anger, pride and desire




clearing beliefs around reason, acceptance and increasing openness to love




releasing attachments around low self esteem, anxiety and activating new levels of confidence 




clearing conditioning around truth, trust and receptivity




activating new levels of peace, joy, enlightenment and realigning to your sense of purpose  

Reconnecting with all the above emotions

Reframing beliefs and releasing stuck energy associated with each of the levels WILL facilitate real change. You will be supported with integration tasks and suggestions on how to embody the changes taking place during our sessions.

You will have unlimited access to me throughout your journey.

This is a deeply powerful transformational process that requires a willingness to lean in and stay committed to the unfolding of the process.

Ready to get started?


What Will You Come Away With?

✔️ Become empowered & learn how to clear blocks around relationships, health, purpose and money.
✔️ Gain a deeper understanding of how beliefs and mental frameworks shape our reality.
✔️ Open your heart and become a more present, more loving and a more powerful human being.
✔️ Shed blocks around wealth & worth and step into true financial abundance.
✔️Gain a greater sense of purpose and direction in life.

Client Testimonial

"I first began working with Sloane a few years ago thru Reiki sessions and I found her to be a caring, knowledgeable and gifted healer and life coach. I have come to value and trust her intuitive recommendations so when she suggested the Spiral Process as another healing modality I decided to give it a try.

We began an 8 week deeply profound and transformative journey. During this clearing process I found myself rapidly peeling back and shedding layers of trauma and dysfunctional conditioning going back to my childhood that I had not completely processed until now. I began to shift and clear negative emotional blockages, beliefs and looping stories that have caused physical and emotional symptoms, fears and doubts throughout my lifetime. I started to understand how all of these things were negatively affecting me in many areas of my life and disconnecting me from my power and sense of self.

Throughout each session Sloane was very caring, supportive and non-judgmental. She devoted her full attention, offered good incite and made herself available afterward if needed. We worked together as I increased my ability to facilitate positive changes in my life. She helped me to look deeper into myself, be more present and confident facing the world and find a deeper level of who I am.

The Spiral Process involves some deep work but I have found it be a quick and effective way to move huge blocks and emotions out of my way so I can heal and grow on a deeper level. I feel more empowered, self confident and at ease. It has been life changing and I continue to experience benefits.

If you decide to explore this process with Sloane you will be in good hands."

Donna - Hightstown, NJ

Are you ready to Elevate Your Life??

How it Flows:

Sessions take place in a 7 consecutive weeks. There will be weekly email support, integration activities, homework tasks & journaling are all part of this process.

Support with Sloane will be available throughout the journey and if needed one 1 hour emergency session.

The Cost: $2,222.00