About Sloane Anna

About Me

Hi, I am Sloane - Welcome!

For the past 17 years, I have been on a journey of clearing and moving through from the trauma and limiting beliefs of my past and into a new space of authenticity, serenity and balance. In that time, I utilized EFT (tapping), Reiki (energy work), The Spiral (trauma therapy), and my own intuitive abilities to peel away the deep layers of programming that were wreaking havoc in my life.

My journey brought with it a purpose and passion for helping others navigate their own path of self-retrieval. My approach is based on providing non-judgmental support that allows my clients to step into the full embodiment of their power and light. I use the benefit of my own life experiences to guide my clients through the negative effects of trauma, illness, and life challenges and into a place where they uncover their own true essence.

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My Work

While we understand that the mind and body are in contant communication, we often miss the fact that, as electromagnetic beings, our bodies hold energetic imprints within our nervous system.

My work as an energy healer for the last 9 years has led me to an understanding that only by addressing our whole energy being can we achieve deep, lasting results. Using different modalities, both individually and in tandem, helps my clients to stretch out of their comfort zone, recalibrate and step into being able to align with their authentic selves along with connecting to the inner serentity they have been seeking.

. Clients have come to me with health issues such as breast cancer, skin conditions, migraines, anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as problems in healing after surgery and trouble finding their way after a loss in direction. This work is for anyone who is committed and ready to do the deeper work.

My Mission

I have made it my mission to show you how to acheive all of this and more through gaining a full understanding of who you truly are - having been shaped by your own trials, tribulations and blessings. Your path to self-discovery will be one of dedication to riding the waves that come with deep transformational work. However, as you experience the shifts and openings to your authentic self, you will feel lighter, a deep feeling of inner peace and connection to all that is - God, Source, Universe.

Now is the time to create a joyful experience of lift. taking part in the elevation of the collective on this beautiful planet and helping the planet herself to raise in vibration.


My Qualifications:

✔️ Certification, Usui Reiki, 1, 2 & ART – 2017

✔️ Certification, Master Shamanic Reiki with Llyn Roberts, Omega Institute – 2018

✔️ Certification, Master/Teacher in Usui Reiki – 2019

✔️ Certification, Holy Fire III Karuna Master/Teacher with William Rand, International Center for Reiki - 2020

✔️ Certification, Medical Reiki Master with Raven Keyes – 2021

✔️ Certification, Spiral Practitioner – 2021

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