$ 1,722.00

Sloane Delmont

Soul Discovery 1:1 -3 Month Process Journey - Reconnect -Shed - Integrate

Embark on a transformative 3 - month 1:1 coaching journey with Sloane to address the feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, unsettelment, disconnection and more.

This personalized process is designed to guide you back to your true essence helping to clear trauma, programming, and the stories we tell ourselves that disconnect us from ourselves. Through deep body reconnection work and exploration, you will reconnect with the parts of yourself you may have shut off from and address conditions stored in your nervous system, tissues, and cells along with ancestral patterns seeking healing.

This profound work requires commitment, patience and a willingness to move through the spaces of discomfort. Sloane is supportive every step of the way through text, phone or added Zoom sessions as needed.

You will work in a judgement free space and sacred space, where you will be comfortable to explore, heal and rediscover yourself, with your privacy held in the highest regard.

Are you ready to embark on this empowering journey of self-discovery and healing?

 The 3 - Month Journey Includes:

  • Initial assessement and objective 
  • Healing practices and Deep root clearing
  • Introduction to energy work techniques
  • Integration practices and homework that is given with each session
  • Reconnecting and purpose driven exercises
  • Assessement and reflection on progress made through process

** A 1.5 hour Onboard Session is recommended so you can experience the work and then decide if this process is a true fit for you.

**A 24 hour cancellation notice is required to not lose any session.