$ 444.00

Sloane Delmont

Soul Transformation Process - Recalibrate - Balance -Shed - Level 1

This offering is for the person, who Is seeking some stability in handling life challenges with an awakened spirit and vitality. 

Have you been experiencing the deep calling for a life change, maybe you are feeling out of balance with work and your home life; you lack passion and drive; or are you  living in a space of anxiety or depression, where life is crashing around you?

Reiki  penetrates deep into the emotional body called the Chakra system, moving stagnant energy, and facilitates deep change. A customized protocol will clear out deep rooted issues, address limiting beliefs and heal ancestral family patterning. Each person's process is a unique experience which helps you to attune to your inner self. 

You will be supported on your path to clear entrenched patterns of disharmony and trauma. Clarity, balance and tranquility occur, as you move through this process. 

The Package Includes: 

1 - 1.5 hr. on boarding session and reiki energy work. 

1- 1.5 hr. energy session with Holy Fire Healing meditation. 

1- 1.5 hour energy session with clearing work from the Spiral process. 

1- 1 hour energy session & clearing session. 

  • A custom essential oil blend to assist you with this process 
  • Informative information, books to read, meditations, and rituals to be done for integration. 
  • A new frequency device called the Healy will now also be integrated with each session which will elevate the body's energy needs even more.  
  • Extra support as needed while moving through the process.
  • Please note these sessions need to be done weekly to get the best results with the energy work. 

**A 24 hour cancellation notice is required to not lose any session.