Office Energy Clearing - Home Office
Office Energy Clearing - Home Office
Office Energy Clearing - Home Office
$ 300.00

Sloane Delmont

Office Energy Clearing - Home Office

Unknown to many is the fact that all spaces that we live and work in collect energy and this energy can affect so many things for us. 

Physical spaces do have their own energy and It tends to physically extend outwards, a little bit more than the strictly ‘solid’ shape of the space. This is because energy envelops matter, not the other way around and every object and being has an energy counterpart to it. Did you ever have the feeling that the energy in your space was so heavy and dense that you felt like you could not breathe, or that you could use a knife to literally cut it? 


When a space feels like this it can create issues in many areas that one would not think of, like productivity, emotions, the flow of business you are attracting or for that matter, not attracting. 

This is why having your work/ business space energetically cleaned is not just good for your overall wellbeing, but also for the wellbeing of your business. As all things vibrate at a frequency this is something that many successful and spiritual minded people understand and do for themselves and their spaces quite frequently. 

Space Clearings will clear out the old stagnant energy and open up the space to a new lightness. The light energy will be called in to fill the space along with also using crystals to pull in specific energy to energize the space with a higher frequency.

This type of energy work opens up the space to feel lighter, more balanced, and energized, helping to elevate and optimize your productivity.  

The package includes:

Energy clearing work which covers all of the interior space, offices, bathrooms, closets, entrance way and if possible the office roofline. 

Crystals that will be used to grid the space and keep the energy clean. 

Any extra crystals needed for calling in prosperity or harmony in the space will be an extra charge.  

Please Note: We recommend cleanings every 4 months depending on the flow of people in and out of the space.