How To Bring Balance Into Your life

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The Yin/Yang symbol is an excellent interpretation of life and how each action, characteristic, and aspect has an opposite effect with one unable to exist without the other. Balance is created when both sides work in unison. 

As one who strives every day to keep a balance in my life, as I now work and live in my home space, I began to see that many of my clients that I work with were finding this just as challenging.  

Our lives have truly changed dramatically and have brought many of us to an even more unbalanced way of living. What does this mean - living in an unbalanced way? 

How many of us jump out of bed now and hit the phone, computer, or other technology gadgets without missing a beat? Are you working through lunch and then extending the workday later and later as there is nothing else to really do?

This is the flow I am talking about that many are finding themselves in during these challenging times. 

So, as I began to see this happening in my life, I put in place a firm routine that I have shared with some of my clients. You can modify as you wish. I have found that setting a routine breaks the issue of staying home to work and live and gives us the ability to keep that balance we so need. 

Recommended Daily Routine Flow:

1. Deep breathing before getting out of bed to become present in the body and to really connect to being awake. 

2. Set a clear intention for your day and how you want it to flow - what you are open to receiving. 

3. Take a few stretches and then get moving into your day. 

4. Set a timer to get up and move around every hour or so, if possible. Movement is very important and stepping away from computers or digital devices. 

5. Take a 25-30 minute lunch break, eat healthy to keep the body and mind strong and close your eyes to rest them for a few seconds, then stretch again. 

6. Set a firm time to shut down from work to move the body and make a healthy dinner. 

7. Shut down off of the technology gadgets 1-hour prior to sleep, settle with some slow breathing, reading, and quiet music. 

8. Write 3 things you are grateful for that happened in the day then repeat, “I am excited to see what comes tomorrow.”

If you want to make your own routine feel free, just make sure to add some breathing, movement, and quiet time to reset and balance. 

Hope you find this helpful and may you find Balance and Peace in your days. 


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