Let's Connect More With The Essence Of GEMSTONES!!

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We have Beauty & Power!!

 In the beginning of 2018 I began to feel that making beautiful jewelry was not just my passion, but that it was a much deeper calling. I began to think, how can I bring more value to my customers then just selling a pretty piece of jewelry to gift or adorn oneself. What was the real drive behind my designing and making jewelry to share with you. Yes, much of my line is addressing the journey of my life, which perhaps connects with you as the customer somehow on your journey. Bamboo is for strength, the love knot is to connect you to the ones you love or to loving yourself more, the serpent is to bring forth the essence of the divine feminine and to claim your power. 

But as I was stringing a new set of gemstone bracelets, I realized these gemstones have healing powers and through creating a line using more gemstones I can add healing along with lifting the energy vibration higher for the wearer then them just wearing a piece of sterling or gold jewelry. 

Gemstones, are a gift from Mother Gaia to aid us in healing, manifesting and collectively moving to a world full of Love and not fear through raising our energetic vibration. They are not just pretty stones, they are stones with power and high energy power. 

This new collection is to bring the beauty of these amazing stones to you along with style and elegance, you can layer them on with your power suit, studio to street outfit, a night on the town attire or just your everyday casual attire. 

My hope is that you will feel the power of these stones and begin to engage more to connecting with the power of crystals and all they have to offer us. I share more Love with you through The Chakra Rocks collection. 


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