The Story of the JBS Sultry Serpent Collection

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Sloane Shavel, Founder of Jewelry by Sloane shares the meaning and inspiration for her ‘Sultry Serpent’ collection.

The Story of the JBS Sultry Serpent Collection

I created the Sultry Serpent collection to celebrate divine feminine energy, beauty and compassion, as well as transformation and self-healing.

I feel that society today doesn’t recognize the true value of our feminine gifts and qualities and the Sultry Serpent encourages us to embrace this part of ourselves. Serpents relate to divine feminine energy and our true essence, which is a balance of our masculine and feminine traits.

The serpent also represents healing and transformation in many different cultures. The Egyptians worshipped serpents and since the animal had the ability to heal itself, they believed healing comes from within without the need for anything external.

Serpents are connected to the Kundalini yogic energy and I designed the Sultry Serpent collection at a time when Kundalini yoga was a regular practice for me.





Wearing your Sultry Serpent

The serpent is an ancient symbol of the Goddess. This mystical creature represents healing, transformation and divine feminine energy.

Wear your Serpent Goddess jewelry to feel empowered, express your sensuality and connect to your inner goddess.

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