Sankapla - How To Live Everyday With Intention

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Sankapla is a Sanskrit word used in the yogic philosophy that refers to a desire, vow, intention, or a resolve to do something streaming from deep inside one’s heart.  

 The Sankalpa is connected not to ones own will, but to Universal will. It is a positive declaration from one’s knowing from their higher self, of what they desire or need for healing.  

Sankalpa aligns with one living with intention, but in conjunction to working with Universal energy. When we decide to live with intention, it brings us into being present, connecting with source and the deep desires our soul is here to achieve or healing that needs to be done.   

I created this line of products from my Shamanic training, I know that crystals, trees, plants, rivers, and all of nature is here to aid our soul’s journey. Whatever that may be, in healing or expanding. The oils are aligned with the areas I notice my clients, along with myself, were challenged with for healing. I also found working with crystals either in jewelry or with just the stones themselves assisted with healing or growth.  

 When we live with intention, we become more connected with the higher self and our lives in a much more profound way. We are not letting life happen to us, we are the creators and the directors of what we will experience, heal and create.  

 Living this way gives us guidelines, sets boundaries, and opens us up to what we are here to experience, along with coming into the true essence of who we are with complete acceptance of one's self.  


Here are some ways to be intentional in your everyday life.  

  1. Wake up and connect with gratitude to begin your day.
  2. Create a morning ritual of either meditation, journaling, stretching or doing some visual work.  
  3. Set your Sankalpa (Intention) for the day and connect with the universe for guidance.  
  4. Cultivate your positive mindset – the “Bliss” oil blend is perfect for this.  
  5. Ground yourself to stay in the present –the “Rooting Oil” blend was created for this purpose.  
  6. Layer on a “Sankalpas” blend, jewelry piece or connect with a crystal to fully align your mind, body & soul with your intention. 
  7. Set time for self care during the day even if it's for only 15-20minutes. 

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