Residential Energy Clearing - Apartment
Residential Energy Clearing - Apartment
$ 300.00

Sloane Shavel

Residential Energy Clearing - Apartment

Cleansing your space is as important as cleansing your body and your aura. When you live in an apartment it is important to clear the energy and create a space for your energy to thrive.

Now more than ever with everyone being in their home spaces for months on end, living in an apartment you are not only dealing with the energy in your space, but you also unknowingly are dealing with the energy surrounding you. 

When living in a stacking type of space, I’m referring to apartment buildings, but also to houses with not much open or natural areas between them — you are living in a space that overlaps with the spaces of others, from multiple directions. In turn, the space each person lives in affects, and is affected by, his own personal energy, thoughts, and moods.

This being said, your neighbor on the floor below you is struggling with his debts and financial situation. The neighbor on the same floor is angry and frustrated at how he’s being treated by his wife. Now you are feeling the emotions of struggling with money, anger, and frustration — without realizing it’s not you. 

Energy in apartment buildings collects outside your living space and inside along with on all sides of you, you can not see it, but I am sure that in this current environmental issue, you are definitely feeling it. 

Now more then ever is when energetically clearing your interior space will serve you in the most profound way. As we move through the world situation, creating a safe, peaceful, uplifting place for you and your family to be in is so important to maintaining your emotional and physical well being. 

This process will level up the energy frequency in your home more than just the simple "saging" a space cleaning, the Reiki energy is the power punch that pushes everything heavy out and then will fill your home with light energy.

The package includes:

Energy clearing work which covers all of the interior space, bathrooms, closets, attic and basements, along with the area surrounding outside of the home. 

Crystals that will be used to grid the space and keep the energy clean. 

Any extra crystals needed in the space will be an extra charge.  

No travel fee for up to 1 hour of distance. 

Please Note: We recommend cleanings every 4 months with the current world situation and the amount of people inhabiting the space