Rose Quartz Crystals
$ 7.00

Sloane Delmont

Rose Quartz Crystals

Rose Quartz: Connects us with love, gentleness, releasing stress,aiding in emotional healing and connecting us with mother Gaia. 

Chakra: Heart - 4th Chakra 

Element: Water 

The beautiful crystal has much to offer us in helping to heal from trauma, disease, releasing of past wounds and learning to trust again. 

It helps us to envelope love for the self and those around us, and activates the heart chakra. Brining a calming to the body and a smoothing vibration to cleanse the wounds and reawaken trust and open us back to hope. This crystal is also the one to use to connect with the heart of the Earth and the Universe. 

  • All crystals have been cleansed of negative energy and infused with reiki to empower your intentions. 
  • This purchase includes 5 pieces in 1 order.