Feeling Grounded Bracelet Set ~ Root Chakra
$ 145.00


Feeling Grounded Bracelet Set ~ Root Chakra

The Root Chakra, or First Chakra, connects us with the safety of being who we are and feeling secure. Grounding ourselves everyday is as important as breathing! When we root ourselves to the earth, we are able to stand strong in the world. 

Feel the the warmth of being safe and grounded with this beautiful bracelet set, it will bring a feeling of home. 

  • Smoky Quartz: power, alignment, calmness 
  • Red Garnet: protection, combats fear and anxiety 
  • Hematite: balance, grounding, calmness
  • Evil Eye: protection, intuition and enlightenment 
  • Hamsa Hand: protection, peace, luck 
  • Lotus Flower: prosperity, spirituality, purity of the mind
  • Charms: gold fill with CZ Pave