$ 175.00

Sloane Delmont


Are you preparing to undergo a surgical procedure and having some anxiety or unsettlement in the mind & body?

Incorporating self care and alternative modalities to prepare yourself for surgery can be extremely beneficial. Energy medicine has been proven and used to aid in settling the body & mind in a profound way that readies the body by relieving stress and restoring inner balance. It can also minimize bleeding and stabilize blood pressure during surgery as well as  reducing the need of pain management medications post operatively.

Energy Medicine is being used at many of the leading he country such as Columbia Presbyterian, Sloan Kettering, Fox Chase and many more. Receiving 2-3 sessions prior to your surgery will prepare the mind and body for what is to come, Reiki naturally instills a feeling of tranquility, power, and well being to the receiver of this energy. 

 In Summation: 

  • The body & mind will be restored to inner balance & a feeling of tranquility.
  • During surgery the body will be more settled, there will be less bleeding, blood pressure will be more steady and healing will be easier.

This session is 1.5hr to prepare the mind & body for surgery. 

There is also a 24 hour cancellation fee for this service.

Sloane is a Certified Reiki Master trained by renown Medical Reiki Master/Teacher Raven Keyes who has worked along side of renown Heart Surgeon, Dr. Mehmet Oz of and renown Breast Cancer Surgeon  Dr. Sheldon Feldman. Best Gold Standards are practiced with all medical patients along with their medical treatment.