Energy, Crystals and Essential Oils Workshop - TBA
Energy, Crystals and Essential Oils Workshop - TBA
$ 75.00

Sloane Delmont

Energy, Crystals and Essential Oils Workshop - TBA

Are you feeling the calling to learn more about the ENERGY which surrounds you and the energy which you are?

Feeling a lot of negative energy around you and coming from others? Do you feel heavy in your body and feel moody and unsettled a lot? 

If you answered yes to at least 2 of these questions then this workshop is for you!!

In this workshop we will cover energy, teaching you a base for knowing what it is, how it affects us and basic tools for cleansing your energy.

We will work with essential oils and learn how they do aid us in healing and raising our body's vibration. Along with a layer of beginner knowledge on how to add crystals into the mix for healing, manifesting and just over all great ways to use them in your everyday life. 

In this class we will cover all these topics in some depth in order to open you up to the wonderful world of metaphysics, how all of these items work hand in hand and how they are here to help us on this life journey.  There is no accident that this planet holds all the healing tools we need to heal ourselves, this was all planned before we arrived here. 

This workshop is for all those who are curious, fascinated and feeling a strong pull toward learning more about these topics. Knowledge is power and the more we learn the more we elevate, evolve and expand ourselves into who we are here to be. 


Items given with the workshop are: 

  • An e-booklet on the essential oils and crystals you will learn about.
  • 1 beginner pouch of the crystals to begin working with.
  • You will also learn 3 energy tools to use everyday for your starter tool box