Align Me Oil Blend
$ 42.50

Sloane Delmont

Align Me Oil Blend

Those going through trauma or other deep emotional and physical challenges can benefit from the Align Me blend. The blend contains Frankincense and Melissa oils, which have very high frequencies. The use of these two holy oils has been around for centuries, and they both are known for helping issues relating to physical and emotional trauma. 

Lemon oil, Geranium oil, Black Spruce oil, Cypress oil, and Cinnamon Leaf oil are also included in this blend. Among other benefits, they support the adrenal glands, balance emotional glands, relieve exhaustion, harmonize the blood, induce calming effects on the body system, and more. When the body has experienced a challenging issue, essential oils can raise the body's vibrational frequency, and many resonate higher than the natural frequency of the body. 

In this blend, the body is intended to be relaxed and moved off the path of dis-ease.  

There will be a mantra included with this blend to be used with it. 

A reiki-energized blend made from organic oils.

It is my hope that it will bring light to your mind and spirit.