Corporate Energy Mgt. For Office & Team
Corporate Energy Mgt. For Office & Team
$ 855.00

Sloane Delmont

Corporate Energy Mgt. For Office & Team

Just as energy can get trapped or stagnate in an individual, energy can also get trapped in the workspace of a company.
This can lead to friction between staff, low energy output of your workers, absentee rate increasing, the overall office feeling is heavy. One of my series that is part of the Corporate Energy Management platform, is to come in and “clean” your work environment along with offering reiki sessions to employees and upper management. 
This process also entails using crystals to align specific energy for the space, along with other items that will keep the level of energy flow at a higher frequency.  If you use the art of Feng Shui for your corporate space, Energy Management works hand in hand with this modality. 
Clients whose spaces have been cleaned reported, feeling more uplifted in the space, business increased, the staff moral was more positive and lighter, the space felt as if it was more open and energized. 
The use of Energy Management can leverage up a companies output and production levels by taking care of the inner space and team you will optimize your outcome results in the long run.
As Corporations are reopening their doors to staff being in the work space, this will clear a heaviness from the space that has been unoccupied for over perhaps a year or more and provide a sense of peace to those returning whom maybe challenged with being in a shared environment again. 
NOTE: Pricing is upon the size and need of the company and it's team. 
NOTE: Pricing Shown is only for personnel energy work and a discount has already been applied for multiple sessions.