$ 244.00

Sloane Delmont


Have you ever wanted to dive deeper into understanding your Aura and where each chakra is in alignment and the depths of what needs to be cleared and healed on a level you can not see?

This reading is done with a new Quantum Frequency device called the Healy, which reads a photo of you and then runs an analysis in the quantum field to give a deep in depth reading of your energy centers called your chakras, this also addresses your auric field.

You will recieve a full print out from the analysis, of what is on a physical level, mental level and spiritual level in blocks, along with what is karmic, parental, generational etc. It will be an in depth review of your body's energy centers.

We will do some deep root clearing work which is part of the spiral process and to address some of where & when certain limiting beliefs were set into the body.

There will be proclamations given to address what was cleared and suggested oils and crystals to use to assist in helping to integrate the  work that was done. 

I call this a map to help you navigate your healing journey in understanding where your energy chakra body is out of sync and why, it truly takes the guess work out.

This is an amazing cutting edge process which helps give clarity to challenges you maybe facing and why.

It is unlike anything you have experienced before and is directly from the quantuam not a human reading you.

Session will 1.5 hrs.

Review of the analysis will be done prior to the session and will be discussed when session is booked. The analysis prep work can be 30minutes or up to an 1 hour depending on the depth of the reading. 

This can be done in person or via distance with Zoom.  


** There is a 24 hour cancellation policy with all services.