About Sloane Anna

About Me


My name is Sloane Delmont, and my passion and life purpose is to assist my clients in healing. Through mind, body, and energy work, I assist in clearing deeply rooted blocks and limitations, ultimately helping you to elevate, expand, and align with your true self. I utilize the following modalities such as EFT (tapping), Reiki (energy work), The Spiral (trauma therapy), and my intuitive abilities to help my clients.

I began my spiritual journey as a healer seventeen years ago after a traumatic period during which my marriage ended in divorce, my jewelry business failed, and the ongoing karmic patterns of family, limiting beliefs, and past childhood trauma came to a head, wreaking severe havoc in my life. I turned to yoga, meditation, Reiki and the Spiral, as well as many different forms of healing work, which really helped me to experience first-hand what these beautiful modalities can do. Not only was I able to heal emotionally, I became crystal clear on my purpose in life and the path I had to take to evolve into my authentic self.

Every single life experience has taught me how to create a non-judgmental space for my clients, along with a deep understanding of the serious effects of trauma, illness, and life challenges, while maintaining a sacred space for those with whom I work.

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My Work

My work facilitates healing and restores health and wellbeing. When we understand that the mind and body are in constant communication, and that energy follows thought, it becomes clear that we cannot address one part of the equation without the other. We frequently take the approach of separating the mind from the body, which affects our energy and how we live and show up in the world. It makes sense that we need to consider these vital components together to achieve lasting results.

Reiki and the Spiral are both very effective in clearing deep-rooted issues we are not aware of or have not been able to overcome through other forms of therapy. Over the past four years, I have worked with both methods in tandem, helping people with a variety of challenges such as sudden, traumatic life changes, and years-long illnesses and disorders that will not heal. Clients have come to me with health issues such as breast cancer, skin conditions, migraines, anxiety, stress, and depression, as well as problems in healing after surgery and trouble finding their way after a loss in direction. I guide them to expand out of their comfort zone, align with their true purpose, and find balance in every area of their lives.

My Purpose

My purpose is nothing short of helping you to gain a full understanding of who you are, of the trials, tribulations, and blessings that shape you on your road to self-discovery, to heal from years of struggle with health, career, and personal issues, and to accelerate a joyful experience of life on this earth.

Employing methods and products designed to provide focus and intention in all we do, while living in the wonderful flow of our life’s journey, you will once again connect with a conscious path of spiritual growth and expansion deep within yourself and the universe as a whole.

 Now is the time to shift and blossom into our higher selves, consciously taking part in the elevation of the collective on this beautiful planet.


My Qualifications:

✔️ Certification, Usui Reiki, 1, 2 & ART – 2017

✔️ Certification, Master Shamanic Reiki with Llyn Roberts, Omega Institute – 2018

✔️ Certification, Master/Teacher in Usui Reiki – 2019

✔️ Certification, Holy Fire III Karuna Master/Teacher with William Rand, International Center for Reiki - 2020

✔️ Certification, Medical Reiki Master with Raven Keyes – 2021

✔️ Certification, Spiral Practitioner – 2021

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