$ 88.00

Sloane Delmont


The Serentity Infusion workshops have been having such profound outcomes for those who have attended and this work has been shifting so much for many of my clients. So,  I wanted to  create this offering for everyone who is wanting to Release, Recalibtate and Reconnect with their mind, body & energy to feel as deeper sense of wellbeing, peaceful, focused and balanced in their everyday life.

Come embark on a transformative journey where you will dive into the experience of deeply connecting with your body, mind & spirit. 

In this workshop we will start off by softly tuning into the body, connecting with your ablitily to really feel the body and connect with your inner wisdom, your intution. 

You will then be guided into a flow of somatic body movements to then tap into your beautiful heart space, clearing out held emotions of grief, loss, and  heartache to allow yourself to open up into becoming the magnet for all you desire and want to manifest in your life.

We then will dive into a full body energetic practice, going deeper in  allowing you to feel the energy you hold, clear out stagnant energy from your nervous system that holds and stores memory of stress, trauma, unprocessed emotions. You will literally shake, shift and recalibrate all of your chakras, clear out the mind and come into a space of zero point, which is where the mind comes back to a place of neutrality.

You will experience a deep release in emotions, tension, stress, anxiety, old stories playing out in your system, whether you are seeking to feel inner peace, balance, clarity, or a deeper connection to your soul (your higher self) this practice will allow you these out comes and so much more. 

Please note that the class will be layered with different body work as you step more into the process of connecting deeper with yourself. 

This offering is for 2 class a month, it allows you to do deeper mind, body, energy work if you are not able to work with me 1:1, you can experience the body energy work with others in this group class offering. 

What You Will Recieve:

  • Feeling a deep RELEASE  in the body from stagnant energy that is being stored from unprocess stress, emotions & traumas.
  • Feeling more settlement in your mind, body and tapped into your inner knowing.
  • Feeling more at peace, having more clairty, focus and balance in your whole being. 
  • A release of stress, anxiety and quieting of the mind along with other amazing results as each person experiences different results as what their body needs. 

**The classes will be 1.5 hours and you will recieve the replay so you can do the body work on your own till the next class.

 The class times as of now will be 3:30pm - 5pm EST on Sundays, this gives you the day to do your life and then prior to dinner, you can clear your mind, body, energy system to prepare for the week ahead. 

Starting date for the classes in July:

First class - Sunday July 7, 2024 

Second class offer - Sunday July 21, 2024 

** Please Note: Zoom Link Will Be Provide When Registration Is Processed.