Ignite Your Light - Holy Fire III Reiki 1 - Virtual Class - Sunday June 30, 2024
Ignite Your Light - Holy Fire III Reiki 1 - Virtual Class - Sunday June 30, 2024
$ 288.00

Sloane Delmont

Ignite Your Light - Holy Fire III Reiki 1 - Virtual Class - Sunday June 30, 2024

Welcome to Ignite Your Light - Reconnecting to the power & light that already exists in YOU!!

This is Holy Fire Reiki Level 1 Class - Virtual Class
Learn Reiki from the comfort of your home!!!

Come take a journey with me where you will learn all about the light & energy that you already have in you.
Are you at the beginning of your soul awakening? or have you been on a journey of healing for a while and now you are wondering what is next?
Are you empathic and feel deeply and need to understand more about energy and how it works?
Is there a deep pull in you to connect deeper into the spiritual realm and open up to gifts that you know exist deep inside you?

Do you want to have an incrediable tool to assist you on this journey called life, which you can use in so many ways to make your life lighter, bring more grace and ease for you as you move through things.

This course is a combination of teaching, discussion and mediation experiences, along with the placement for the first symobl which is the POWER symbol called Cho Ku Rei.

It includes a combination of the Japanese style Reiki and Western style as introduced by Sensi Usui, Sensi Tataka & William Rand Of Holy Fire Reiki. 

You will practice the self-treatment, and how to use reiki everyday to heal your body, mind and spirit.

Level 1 reiki is only for treatment on yourself, this level is not for you to help to heal others, that is Level 2 in which you learn more of the symbols to use and the distance symbol. 

What you will Learn -

The Reiki History:

  • The origins of Reiki; the work of Usui Sensei and Hayashi Sensei, how Takata Sensei taught and practiced Reiki; how Usui Reiki evolved into Holy Fire® III Reiki, the Reiki Principles. You will also learn how Reiki is aligned with the path of Enlightenment and how each Reiki level aligns with this journey. 

Japanese Reiki Techniques:

  • — The Three Pillars of Reiki: Gassho meditation; Reiji-ho: to develop intuition         and inner guidance to know how and where to treat; Chiryo.
  • — Kenyoku: Dry bathing, a method to purify your energy field.
  • — Byosen Scan: Using the sensitivity in the hands to locate areas needing healing, (usually in the aura) and to treat them.

Holy Fire® III system of Reiki:

  • —  Explanation of the Traditional Reiki attunement and how Placements, Ignitions and Experiences work.

Reiki self-treatment:

  • — Giving Reiki to yourself and the complete hand placement system.

Reiki ignition and healing Experiences (25 minutes each):

  • — Ocean of Holy Love Experience
  • — Holy Fire® III Reiki level I Placement of the 1st Reiki symbol Cho Ku Rei - The power symbol.

What will you recieve from this class:

In this class, you will unlock your understanding of the path to enlightenment and discover the keys to open yourself up to the light you hold. By connecting to Christ Consiousness you will expand your mind and connect to God, Source, Universe if you believe. This connection helps settle the idea of separation, which often leads to fear, anxiety and lower frequencies in our lives. If you're seeking the next step in your spiritual journey, this class will guide you to go deeper into the realm of awakening, connect to your intuition, and deepen your knowing.

Date: Saturday, June 30, 2024 

Time: 10:30am EST - 4:00pm EST

Virtual- Zoom link will be supplied after registration is made for class along with extra hand outs. 

NOTE: The printed manual needed which is for Reiki 1 & Reiki 2 is now included with your class fee along with the certificate for the class. If you live outside the US then a digital manual is available.

** Please note for shipping the physical manual you need to register 1 week prior to the class to receive the manual in time for the class and the Shipping fee for the manual is NOT included in the fee for class.

If you live outside the US then the digital manual is what you will recieve as shipping may be to costly for you to recieve the physical manual. 

**There will also be a follow up 1hr zoom class a month after class to review and check in for any questions or concerns you have while working with the first symbol. 

"If you want to learn the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy frequency and vibration" Nikola Tesla 

*****Things you will need for this class:

A blanket, yoga mat, journal/ notebook, whatever you need to be comfortable, along with snacks and drinks.

But most importantly you will need an openness to fully receive all the knowledge and the first energy power symbol of this beautiful modality.