Simply stated by Master/Teacher Reiki practitioner Raven Keyes, who wrote the book "Medical Reiki" and who had been a leader in connecting Reiki or Energy Medicine with Modern Medicine, "Medical Reiki delivers healing energy called Reiki by a Master who is trained and attuned to the highest level of Reiki practice".  The Master then receives additional training to apply treatments that are safe and unobtrusive to patients in medical settings such as operating rooms, chemotherapy suites, birthing rooms, pre and post surgical sessions as well as the post surgery recovery period. 

This training follows very strict guidelines enabling the Master to work seamlessly and in tandem as they partner with Physicians and Surgeons. This results in improved outcomes for the patients in their care. 

Medical Reiki is beneficial for clients dealing with the challenge of an up coming or recovery from surgery, dealing with the challenges of cancer treatments, pregnancy, delivery or postpartum issues. 


What Are The Proven Benefits

Energy Medicine has been implemented for surgical patients by renowned surgeons Mehmet Oz and Dr. Sheldon Feldman. They confer the benefits of Reiki practice assisting with their patients prior to surgery, during surgery and post surgery. Dr. Feldman is the first Doctor/Surgeon to speak at the National Reiki Conference and is a strong advocate of Reiki healing partnering with modern medicine. He endorsed Master Medical Reiki practitioner Raven Keyes to work along side him in the operating room for over 15 years. 

The overall benefits recognized throughout major health centers by Surgeons and other Physicians are as follows: 

  • Stimulates tissue and bone healing post trauma/surgery
  • Minimizes pain 
  • Stimulates the immune system 
  • Detoxifies the body 
  • Supports a peaceful, deep state of relaxation 
  • Dissolves energy blockages & tension 
  • Supports the well being of a person receiving traditional medical treatments that maybe debilitating (e.g. chemotherapy, radiation, surgery and kidney dialysis)
  • Increases the vibrational frequency on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. 

Benefits During Surgery

  • Blood pressure stabilizes on the operating table
  • Minimizes bleeding 
  • Decreases complications 
  • Shortens hospital stays 
  • Accelerates healing
  • Minimizes use of pain medication post surgery 

At the Cleveland Clinic's Center for Integrative Medicine, Reiki has been utilized for the treatment of Cancer, chronic pain, infertility, digestive problems, Parkinson Disease, stress related diseases and psychological illnesses. 

The Brigham and Woman's Hospital in Boston, states in their research data along with data of others "Reiki promotes relaxation, relieves stress and anxiety, reduces pain, fatigue and improves the overall quality of life". 

The bottom line is Reik/Energy Medicine, dives deeper and extends further than we can really comprehend. Once the session begins, the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system sends hormones of "rest and restore" also known as "rest and digest" sweeping through the body. 

There is a deeper essence to this healing modality that truly is experienced in a different way.

However, the end result is always one of peacefulness and a depth of healing that words can not discribe.